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eCM Supplement Info

The normal conditions for supplement publication are as follows.

The Congress is responsible for checking the scientific content and spelling (English UK or English USA) of the abstracts before publication on the journal.

There is a standard template format which must be used.
Please email ecm(at) for this template when the publishing contract is made). The abstract MUST fit on 1 page of the word template (and the page set up must NOT be modified or text size to achieve this)

eCM journal sets up the web page (as in other supplements) along with a welcome page based on the programme and information supplied by the congress organiser) and eCM will produce the PDFs  (Please, do not send PDFs during submission of the abstracts).

If you wish to have the abstracts available during the actual conference on the eCM website, Dr. Iolo ap Gwynn (iolo.apgwynn(at) should receive the abstracts along with a welcome note, the congress logo, URL address and two suitable teaser images at least one month before (and a copy of any correspondence to ecm(at) The abstract form is formatted in such a way that both e-mails and web addresses can be hyperlinked to e-mails and URLs, this would be the congress' job to set this up before submission of the word documents).

Since the journal is free to all and there are increasing running costs, the journal also charges conferences for a supplement publication, it remains permanently online.
The invoice will be sent after publication of the supplement.

Our costs (2013) are 700 CHF (Swiss Francs) for up to 50 abstracts - 12 CHF (Swiss Francs) per additional abstract.

Printed (paper or electronic) adverts must include the eCM logo and following text:
The congress abstracts will be published in eCM open access journal (
Printed proceedings must include the attachment advert (must not be in colour)

eCM would not object to congress organisers handing out the eCM abstracts (of their congress) on a USB stick to all their participants.
We have no problem with this with either your own produced abstracts or with eCM abstracts (if you wish) if we receive all the abstracts 2 months before the congress.